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Seeing is Believing: Handicams, human rights and the news
A new documentary film by Katerina Cizek and Peter Wintonick.
Produced by Necessary Illusions in association with CBC-Newsworld/SRC/RDI.
Winner of the 2002 Hamptons International Film Festival "Dan and Ewa Abraham and Tammy Abraham Films of Conflict and Resolution Award", with a cash prize of US$25,000. Gemini Award nominee for the Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Program.
Coming soon:
  • broadcasts in French Belgium, Denmark and Spain
  • Stay tuned for potential broadcasts and festivals in your country
Festival and Television Screenings
Parisian Festival Premiere of 'Voir, C'est Croire'
March 9-14, 2004
Carbondale, Illinois
Big Muddy Film Festival
February 20-29, 2004
US Television Premiere
Sundance Channel
Monday, February 23 2004, 9pm
Recent Screenings
Mumbai, India
Mumbai International Film Festival
February 3 - 9, 2004
Mumbai, India
World Social Forum
Monday, January 19, 5pm-8pm
Culture/resistance program
New York screening
Presented by the New York Film/Video Council and the Robert Flaherty Seminar
Q&A afterward with the co-directors, and Gillian Caldwell of Witness
Thursday, December 18, 6pm-9pm
Columbia U. Graduate School of Journalism, 116th & Broadway, Rm 607 B
Kosovo Premiere
Kosovo Human Rights Festival
December, 2003
Special Screening, Award of Commendation
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
November 19-23, 2003
Copenhagen, Denmark
First International Documentary Film Festival in Denmark
Amnesty Award programme
Seeing is Believing + The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Nov. 11 at 16:00 at Husets Biograf
Nov. 11 at 21:30 at Cinemateket
Nov. 16 at 16:45 at Cinemateket
GEMINI Award nomination
SiB is nominated for the Donald Brittain Award for
Best Social/Political Documentary Program
Gemini Awards
Awards broadcast October 20, 2003 at 8pm on CBC
Guelph, Ontario
Guelph International Film Festival
October 17 - 19, 2003
Calgary, Alberta
Calgary International Film Festival
September 26 - October 7, 2003
Next 5 Minutes
International Festival of Tactical Media
September 13, 17:00 at Balie Kleine Zaal
European Short Film Festival
September 10-15, 2003
Johannesburg, South Africa
Three Continents Film Festival
September, 2003
Danish TV Festival
Guest Panelists with Seeing is Believing
Friday, August 29, 10am
South Africa Festival Premiere
5th Encounters South African International Documentary Festival
Cape Town: 20 - 29 July, 2003
Johannesberg: 1-7 August, 2003
English Canada TV Repeat
The Passionate Eye
CBC Newsworld
Monday, July 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET
with a repeat at 1 a.m. ET (10 p.m. PT)
New York
Flaherty Seminar
June 2003
Seoul, Korea
Seoul Human Rights Film Festival
May 30 - June 3, 2003
Polish Festival Premiere
Cracow Short Film Festival
May 28 - June 1, 2003
Yorkton Saskatchewan Festival Premiere
Yorkton Short Film Festival
May 22 - 25, 2003
Seeing is Believing wins a Jury Award
Flemish TV Premiere
Sunday May 18, 20h00
on Panorama, Canvas VRT
entitled 'Met de camera in de aanslag'
Oxford, England
Oxford Documentary Film Festival
Sunday, May 11, 6:00pm
Magdalen College
French Canada TV Premiere
SRC, Saturday May 10, 21h
on new programme Camera Temoin
Special Screening in New York City
Sundance Programme at MoMA
May 2, 4pm
Seoul, Korea
Film for Transparency
May 2003
Hungarian Premiere
Mediawave Film Festival
April 25 - May 5
Hong Kong Premiere
Hong Kong Film Festival
April 13, 12:30pm, Space Museum Lecture Hall
April 18, 6:00pm, HK Arts Centre LPY Film Theatre
April 21, 9:00pm, Cine-Art House (House 2)
Prague, Czech Republic
One World International Human Rights Film Festival
April 11, 10:00pm, British Council
April 12, 6:00pm, Perstin
April 13, 7:15pm, Evald
Australian Television Premiere
Entitled 'Handicams, Human Rights and the News'
on SBS's Cutting Edge
April 8, 8:30pm
Arizona Premiere
Tucson Arizona Film Festival
April 3-13
Cleveland, Ohio Festival Premiere
Cleveland International Film Festival
March 29, 12:30pm
March 30, 9:00pm
Dallas Texas Premiere
16th Annual Dallas Video Festival
March 22, 7:30pm
Angelika Film Center/Dallas Museum of Art
Amnesty International Film Festival
March 21, 11:00, De Balie n Kleine Zaal
March 22, 11:00, Filmmuseum (Vondelpark) n Parisien zaal
Scottish Premiere!
Special Screening in Glasgow
Friday, March 7
Inaugural Adelaide International Film Festival
Saturday, March 1, 12:00pm
Cinema Nova 1
Co-director Peter Wintonick will be present
Flemish Belgium Television Premiere
on VRT Panorama
Check local listings in February for date and time
World Festival Premiere of 'Voir Cest Croire'
Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois
22 fevrier, 17:20
Salle Fernand Seguin, Cinematheque Quebecoise
335 boul. de Maisonneuve Est
Montreal, QC
Metro Berri-UQAM
Dutch Festival Premiere
IDFA International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam
Monday November 25, 22:00 City 5
Wednesday November 27, 10:45 City 7
Master Class:
Wednesday November 27 14:00-17:00 de Balie
Edmonton, Canada Festival Premiere
Global Visions Film Festival
Saturday November 9th - 5pm
Library Theatre
7 Sir Winston Churchil Square
Edmonton, Canada
U.K. Festival Premiere
SHEFFIELD International Documentary Festival
Wednesday Oct 23, at 1:30 pm
Saturday October 26, at 2:30 pm
U.S. Festival Premiere
HAMPTONS International Film Festival
Thursday Oct 17 - SEEING is BELIEVING
is opening film for the Conflict and Resolutions Series
UA Theatre 6 - 2:30pm followed by Q & A
Quebec Festival Premiere
MONTREAL Festival of New Cinema and New Media
Monday October 14, 15h30pm @ Parallel
Ex-Centris , 3536, Saint-Laurent Blvd (directors will be present)
Friday Oct. 18, 19h00pm @ cinema du Parc 2
3475 Park Ave.
World Premiere
VANCOUVER International Film Festival
FRIDAY OCT. 4 @ 8:00pm Blinding Light Cinema
36 Powell Street (at Columbia)
SUNDAY OCT. 6 @ 9:00pm Granville 7
TUESDAY OCT. 8 @ 4:00pm Granville 7
855 Granville Street (at Robson)
World Television Premiere
The Passionate Eye Sunday Showcase
CBC Newsworld
Sunday, November 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET
with a repeat at 1 a.m. ET (10 p.m. PT)
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